Welcome to the new INMA.org!


II recent weeks, I've talked with friends throughout the newspaper industry about the pending re-launch of INMA.org. They all give me the same knowing smile and the same knowing glance when I tell them “it's almost ready to launch.”

I better understand those knowing looks.

The fact is, web site re-engineering projects are never done. They all take too much time.

The new INMA.org gets you to answers quickly and connects you with people better than any other site in the media industry. Its seeming simplicity masks an incredibly intricate series of Web 2.0 features that we hope will add value for members and our industry.

This re-launched venture is the product of a fascinating team of professionals:

  • First, the INMA Board of Directors. Without their explicit leadership, suggestion, guidance, and support we might not have gone down this road.

  • Drawbackwards of Phoenix which did the strategic design and implementation.

  • Avacata of Dallas which did the core of the implementation.

  • Our project manager has been former INMA membership manager Andrea Loubier.

  • Our team of contract editors has patiently gone through thousands of pieces of content to tag, categorise, and adapt everything to a new environment (and they're still working on it).

  • Our staff – notably associate director Maria Terrell and editor James Khattak – have worked night and day to make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted.

As for me, I suppose I've become the orchestrator. I've certainly become the eager blogger as you can tell if you peruse through this blog's archives. Not knowing when we were going to launch and needing to get into the rhythm of blogging, I started three months ago writing this blog. I invite you to peruse through to the beginning. I like to think I've been writing the best blog nobody has read.

Now, prove me wrong!

What you see today is a beginning. With your help, we'll continually improve on INMA.org.

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