Text mining may offer clues to higher CPMs on newspaper web sites


NNwspaper executives are frustrated at the lack of a business model for their web sites. While they are growing audience, they can’t sufficiently monetise them.

Talking with industry vendors may provide a clue. A U.K.-based supplier of editorial, advertising, and circulation systems who now is moving aggressively into the online space told me in a visit that newspaper people are obsessed with replicating a browsing experience on their web site.

In fact, what drives advertising cost per thousand (CPM) is keeping people on a page with relevant content. While sticky niche content like videos can keep people on a page, this U.K. supplier said smarter and smarter text mining that produces a deeper, more relevant experience for readers may be the “beyond SEO” application that Danny Meadows-Klue told INMA about last week.

Higher CPMs online won’t come with locking down content or shoving readers through mazes that you create. They may come by grabbing hold of their ankles once they’ve found content they want and “making them an offer they can’t refuse.”

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