Let’s get real: IBM “Beyond Advertising” study captures aspirations, but not realities of emerging marketing communications


IIM has just released a study that describes a “growing rift between advertisers and content owners, media distributors, and agencies.”

In “Beyond Advertising: Choosing a Strategic Path to the Digital Consumer,” co-author Saul Berman said media companies must develop new capabilities to support micro-targeting, real-time return-on-investment measurement, and cross-platform integration.

Yet here’s where the disconnect begins.

The IBM study shows 63% of global CMOs expect to increase interactive/online marketing expenditures while a similar percentage to decrease traditional advertising – data seen for many years.

Look, this is the general direction of marketing. But at the ground level of the marketing community, agencies and advertisers are not set up for this future. The CEOs that run these companies are ready. Their staffs are not.

It’s a problem for newspaper companies because the major publishers worldwide are ready to play in IBM’s digital pool today even if they sometimes lack the metrics to back them up. Yet they come armed with a jack-knife of marketing possibilities, and the advertising community only sees the “newspaper guy” calling.

How do we get newspapers up to speed in this fast-emerging world? How do we get the advertising community to organise beyond the talk? How can newsmedia companies be seen as multi-platform solution providers?

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