Jarvis encourages newspapers to “face the devil fully”


What Would Google Do?
What Would Google Do?
I just got off the phone with Jeff Jarvis, author of What Google Would Do?, proprietor of Buzzmachine.com, and opening speaker at the upcoming INMA World Congress in Miami.

Jeff’s big message is that the architecture of media is evolving from a content economy to a link economy. While there’s still health in print, the inexorable trends worldwide suggest a digital future that requires quality news providers to think collaboratively. The great opportunity for newspapers may be in networks, especially sales opportunities and understanding how audiences can distribute your content.

In Miami, Jeff plans to take the premise of his new book and apply it to newspapers. What would Google do with newspapers? No doubt he will talk about the war of words between news providers and news aggregators, which you can read more about here.

“The first thing you need to do is set a date in the future to turn off your printing presses,” Jeff told me. “Perhaps not literally, but this will focus you on preparing for the future. Face the devil fully.”

To view a recent interview with Jeff in Germany, click below.



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