INMA agenda doubles down on integrated ad sales, content value, tablets


INMA has focused on one big theme thus far in 2010: how to generate financial value from the integration of audience, content, and platform.

We believe this is a central theme as our industry transitions from “newspapers” to “newsmedia companies.”

Yet from this big theme stem three more focused subjects we're trying to cover with greater detail:

In the second half of 2010, we've decided to circle back on these three subjects for deeper dives: Ideas Magazine case studies and cover stories, seminars, publications, and more. For what's missing are the nitty-gritty details of what newsmedia companies are doing on each subject.

Of the three subjects, only integrated advertising sales has sufficient case studies — and even then, the strategic decision to move is based on an evaluation of the local advertising community's ability to communicate cross-media.

“Value of content” is a story of non-traditional experiments, ranging from database journalism to the intensity of the experience to the emerging need for consumers to participate in news via social media. To date, it's a lot of smaller stories and I'm not sure what they add up to — yet.

As for tablets, there a lot of app models in the first iteration of the iPad wrapped in a lot of hope. Let's all agree that the story arc of tablets will be about what succeeds and fails in the next six months — and what “best practice” models emerge.

This is the INMA agenda through year's end. I encourage you to participate!