Upgraded engagement techniques help readers move from offline experiences to online spaces

By Stephanie Lievano

Millicom, Tigo

Panama City, Panama


Engaging users online reminds me of how we create offline experiences. Imagine innovation at its best as an improvement or a better offer of how something can be done.

With that in mind, as businesses turn to digital solutions to replicate their offline essence, maintaining users’ attention in an over-exposed environment can be challenging. Through my experiences, I’ve seen success using the following techniques to engage users and maintain active users.

Use digital tools to check in with users who are moving in from offline spaces.
Use digital tools to check in with users who are moving in from offline spaces.

Rethink onboarding

Be prepared to change your onboarding pitch for existing users. While you may know your customers’ interactions with your products, automation will fall short to adapt to the changes in your customers’ lifestyles. Existing users still need to be engaged, and finding ways to show them how to make better use of your product will only remind them of how you’re constantly evolving with them.

One technique I’ve liked is creating a column of the different features you have and challenging different audiences to become active. For example, invite users who have never registered to a newsletter or a live-streamed event to sign up or join. Every time they complete the mission, ask them to do something else with you.

Make an impression

First impressions count every time. Overexposure is something we may need to take into consideration when preparing our messages. Design direct communication to get to the point, and guide your clients through the design. There is no need to waste time with the three easy steps if the steps are really easy.

Chances are users who were once offline do not suddenly want to graduate from your digital solution. Therefore, keeping communication simple, direct, consistent may prove to be more effective in the long run.

Correct the offline experience

More than ever, digital solutions are an opportunity to replicate what works and redesign what can change for the better.

In my experience, the greatest advantages may live in support and how clients get in touch. There is an opportunity to provide stellar support to digital traffic generated during the pandemic. Allow users to directly connect with your agents and guide them.

Use digital tools to follow up and check in on your clients in ways you never have before, especially if they are having trouble. For example, if a user asked for help logging in and has not used your product in the last month, send a follow-up e-mail to ask if they need any assistance. It can make all the difference when connecting with users in a useful way.

My takeaway from listening to clients has been that they want to feel smart when interacting with your tools. Therefore, engaging with users may be similar to being there for them.

The techniques I’ve found to engage users may sound parental, and in fact they are. Finding new ways to explain yourself one thing at a time and empowering users to feel smart about the choices you present them can replicate the reliability we search for as we extend our offline experiences with online apps and Web sites.

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