Targeting improvements, omnichannel marketing are among push notification trends

By Karina Arkhangelskaya


Limassol, Cyprus


Push notifications are among the best methods to drive traffic to your site, re-engage returning visitors, and monetise your audiences.

These are just a few of the reasons why push has become an essential part of every publisher’s toolkit. The technology powering this ad format is evolving rapidly, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends.

Push notifications are likely to become even more relevant in 2023.
Push notifications are likely to become even more relevant in 2023.

Push notification trends that will shape 2023 and beyond

Running a popular site in a competitive industry is very difficult, so publishers have to leverage every available tool. Push notifications represent an excellent solution because they can help you connect with more than 80% of Android and 50% of iOS users. They work to improve awareness, sales, and retention.

Additionally, push messages are ideal for industries like entertainment, finance, insurance, gaming, i-gaming, and fitness. This is why the industry is expected to grow by an 18% compound annual rate until 2030, according to We Market Research.

But how, exactly?

  • Enhanced performance due to superior push features and strategies: As the popularity of push grows, more engagement and re-engagement services appear. With the right platform, publishers can improve delivery rates and estimate future results.
  • Push notifications finally available in iOS: In mid-2023, Apple announced its plan to finally implement Web push notifications into MacOS and iOS devices. This is incredibly important for publishers because iOS users are regarded as one of the most profitable audiences out there. Instead of opting for in-page push, you’ll be able to target a profitable audience that has little to no experience with push.
  • More automation: A few years ago, marketing automation of any kind was a luxury reserved only for big enterprises. Now, there are many low-cost, high-value providers available, making push notification automation more accessible than ever before.
  • Wider adoption of push notifications: When first introduced, push notifications were seen as a toxic practice in industries like finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. Over the last decade, the situation has changed because global push practices switched to become more user-friendly and value-oriented.
  • Improvements in targeting: The technology used by push providers to track users and deliver targeted notifications has also improved significantly. Now users can be segmented by demographic data and preferences. Precise targeting makes campaigns more efficient than any aggressive monetisation practice.
  • Shifting toward omnichannel marketing: Push notifications can play a key role in omnichannel marketing because they can help send users to the right platform based on their behaviour. They can be implemented into the top, middle, and bottom parts of your sales funnel. You just need to determine the part of the funnel you’re creating the content for and adapt the headline as well as the body text based on this.

Creating highly engaging content

There are no rules against creating such content, although you need to be mindful of how you create it to get the best possible results.

If you want to create push headlines and content that entices users to click, you should do the following:

  • Tease, but don’t exploit the curiosity gap: Evoke curiosity by hinting at some topics that interest your users to catch their attention. However, you should not exploit the curiosity gap or create sensationalist materials using the data you have.
  • Deliver on all promises: If your push notification ensures something specific, the landing page attached to it should deliver on this promise. If you offer healthy recipes, give them. If not, your audience will feel like it can’t trust your brand. Also, avoid any false facts and misinformation. This will also ruin your credibility.
  • Monitor your performance: Even if your current strategy works, that doesn’t mean it is the best one. Try different types of content and compare the results as soon as you have data. This will help determine the best approach and verify that your strategy is producing the right results.
  • Broaden opportunities with other best practices: It is a good idea to limit the number of push notifications per day, and to adjust delivery based on the audience’s criteria (geo-location, device, and interest-based). Additionally, include icons and images in your push notifications.

Whether you’re a publisher, affiliate, advertiser, or another stakeholder, you need to keep a close eye on the latest trends and how they impact your bottom line.

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