Demanding subscribers, shorter copy among 2023 notification trends

By Karina Arkhangelskaya


Limassol, Cyprus


Push notifications have established themselves as one of the top ways to engage users on news media platforms. This type of notification delivers superb performance across all devices and geo-locations, but it’s essential to have the right elements in place.

The most effective push notifications have the right content, delivery, and targeting ... three trends media professionals should keep in mind in 2023.
The most effective push notifications have the right content, delivery, and targeting ... three trends media professionals should keep in mind in 2023.

Factors impacting push notification conversion rates

There are three main variables that impact the performance of push notifications: content, delivery, and targeting.

  1. Content: The content of a push alert refers to the copy as well as any emojis or rich media that appear on the ad. There is no exact formula for creating perfect push content. News publishers need to adapt their notifications based on their audience demographics and preferences.
  2. Delivery time and frequency: The time and frequency of your push notifications also impact the conversion rate of these engagement alerts. Like the content of the notifications themselves, you need to adapt the delivery dates to your audience’s preferences. Media publications receive the most traffic at the beginning and end of days, but it’s important to fine-tune the exact delivery time, as a minor shift can have a huge impact on profitability.
  3. Targeting: Push notifications allow you to target users. In other words, you can specify which users receive your alerts based on a number of variables. The exact features you have available vary depending on the platform you use. Targeting options might include things like country, region, city, platform, operating system, device, browser, browser language, audiences, and subscription date.

Best push notification examples of 2022

It’s important to note that push notifications can only be used to promote legal products and services. Publishers need to verify they are working with reliable third parties in order to guarantee a great user experience even after visitors leave the news site.

That said, here are three of the most converting push notifications of 2022.

Many of these appeared in slightly different versions, so take the time to adapt them if you’re considering applying similar techniques in your notifications.

Example #1

As you can probably guess, this was designed to be the first push notification users received in the morning.

Deceitfully simple, this a great alternative because it takes into account the fact that users are not operating at full force yet. It delivers a simple and straightforward message to an audience that’s already likely interested.

Example #2

This is a great example of how to deliver grave news in an eloquent way that doesn’t stir fear or uncertainty. Users find this extremely valuable and tend to trust news publishers more when they avoid scare tactics.

Example #3

This is a powerful example that leverages the user’s anticipation for the product’s drop.

In addition to delivering fresh news, this notification involves a popular consumer product and massive update to its performance. It is the perfect combination to make most users click and review the landing page.

Push notification trends for 2023

User behaviour around push notifications changes based on several factors. Looking toward 2023, here are some of the trends that will shape the performance of push ads.

Subscribers become more demanding.

Today, subscription rates across all devices remain relatively high. But, the number of ads that consumers see on a daily basis is also increasing. This means that in 2023 we’ll likely see users become more demanding with their subscriptions and turn down requests more often.

Some steps to counter the effects of this trend include:

  • Optimising the targeting settings.
  • Creating more engaging and creative copy.
  • Reducing notification frequency.

Monetisation tech gets a boost.

Monetisation platforms will continue to improve delivery technology and performance. This, in turn, will result in higher revenues from existing and new subscribers.

When working with platforms, you can monetise your subscribers by sending them your own alerts as well as relevant third-party advertising in the form of additional notifications. This allows you to generate a message and engage users thanks to the variety of content you’re sending.

What is more, these ads don’t repel users and spoil subscription rates: You can set ad topics and only show relevant information.

Notifications require shorter copy.

As the new consumer generation gets older, the need for instant gratification will rise. This means successful notifications will likely contain less copy and be more concise in their deliveries.

Build the best push notifications for monetisation

Taking time to study your audience and build creative push notifications can help you skyrocket conversion rates and create higher revenue from your campaigns.

With that said, it’s also important to know what the leading competitors in the news media industry are doing and adapt these tactics to the campaign being created. For example, you can read many successful case studies at Notix blog. This will help you reduce your campaign turnaround and hit the ground running.

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