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Dagens Næringsliv meets need for financial news consumption, drives conversions

By Alexandra Lehner


Oslo, Norway


Back in 2016, Dagens Næringsliv (DN), Norway’s leading financial newspaper, introduced DN Investor, a page dedicated to covering the financial market. Today, it attracts nearly 50,000 daily visitors.

This portal combines real-time stock market data, analytical insights, and journalistic content, catering to a very specific audience that is made of private individuals interested in investing to professional brokers seeking relevant news and insights.

The DN Investor page attracts about 50,000 people daily.
The DN Investor page attracts about 50,000 people daily.

Meeting user requirements: a constant urge for the latest information

“We have seen in user testing that our readers have an urge — a constant urge — to keep being updated and informed. They want as much information as possible as quickly as possible about the things they care about,” said Are Westerink Sandvik, product manager at DN.

In response to users’ insatiable appetite for real-time information, DN focused on delivering a user-friendly and personalised experience to their readers in a comprehensive manner. DN met this requirement with Norkon’s Pulse technology, a financial portal and data-streaming solution that introduces a whole new level of personalisation by tailoring financial news consumption to an individual’s preferences.

This solution introduces a range of personalised tools to the reader, who is able to follow real-time updates on starred tickers, portfolios, and saved asset watchlists while being exposed to high-quality and in-depth journalistic content.

Tickers are prominently displayed on the DN home page.
Tickers are prominently displayed on the DN home page.

“Being able to view the Investor watchlist while navigating to the DN front page has proven to be an important factor, so when readers arrive at our home page, they immediately see the tickers they care most about in the top bar. This allows us to meet our users’ demands very quickly,” Westerink Sandvik said.

Digital sustainability

The combination of real-time stock market data and qualitative journalistic content has proven immensely valuable to readers. DN strategically implemented a freemium model, allowing visitors to access certain personalisation features for free on the Investor page, which the company utilises as a conversion funnel.

However, to increase its digital sustainability, elements such as real-time financial data and the journalistic content are behind a paywall, encouraging users to become paid subscribers.

Access to real-time investment data is kept behind a paywall.
Access to real-time investment data is kept behind a paywall.

DN Investor also provides a unique environment for commercial partners and sponsors to connect with this specific, financially interested audience. In addition to offering advertising, DN enables its key partners to provide relevant and complementary content to its audience, such as webinars and podcasts, to further enhance and add value to the user experience.

DN Investor’s integral role in DN’s ecosystem

In early 2023, the DN Investor page benefited from a user-experience update which triggered a re-examination of the page’s importance and performance history to this day.

Seven years after the initial launch, DN Investor has become an integral part of DN’s ecosystem, contributing to one-third of the total Web traffic. The platform’s success is not only measured in numbers but in the trust placed by users who rely on it for informed decision-making.

DN Investor stands as a testament to the successful convergence of real-time financial data and journalistic news, offering a unique and valuable experience for readers. As the platform continues to evolve, DN remains committed to providing reliable information that empowers its audience to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

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