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Jagran New Media pins sustainable growth on innovative monetisation, monitoring consumer behaviour

By Debosmita Bhattacharya

Jagran New Media

Uttar Pradesh, India


In the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of news media, which is marked by constant change, our journey toward sustainable growth is a thrilling adventure filled with opportunities for innovation and progress.

At Jagran New Media, our team operates at the helm, steering through challenges with strategic finesse and a growth-oriented mindset. We’d like to delve into the challenges faced by news media organisations and unveil the dynamic and robust product management strategies driving sustainable growth at Jagran New Media.

At Jagran New Media, success results not only from recognising trends and needs, but by acting on them.
At Jagran New Media, success results not only from recognising trends and needs, but by acting on them.

Evolving consumer behaviour

The way audiences consume news is continually evolving. With the rise of digital platforms and changing content preferences from text to audio and video, understanding and adapting to evolving consumer behaviour is a perpetual challenge.

We actively monitor trends, conduct user research, and employ analytics to stay ahead of shifting audience behaviours, ensuring our products align seamlessly with the way readers engage with news.

Monetisation in the digital age

Monetising digital content is an ongoing challenge for news media. With traditional revenue streams facing disruption, finding sustainable monetisation strategies is crucial.

At Jagran New Media, we explore innovative revenue models, embrace data-driven advertising solutions, and experiment with subscription-based offerings to strike a balance between providing valuable content and ensuring financial sustainability.

Information overload and trust

In an era of information overload, building and maintaining trust is a significant challenge.

To combat this challenge, we focus on delivering quality content, employing editorial guidelines, and implementing user-friendly features that enhance transparency. By prioritising trustworthiness, we ensure our audience can rely on Jagran New Media as a credible source in the vast sea of information.

Technological advancements

Staying technologically relevant in a fast-paced digital landscape is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Our team embraces a forward-looking approach, keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies. By migrating our Web sites to the latest technology, integrating cutting-edge tools, building smart CMS with AI and machine-learning capabilities, and creating immersive user experiences, we not only meet current expectations but also future-proof our products for sustained growth in the ever-evolving landscape, including the advancements brought forth by Web 3.0.

Competition and differentiation

The news media space is highly competitive, necessitating differentiation to capture and retain audiences.

We focus on creating unique value propositions, whether through personalised content recommendations, innovative storytelling formats, or interactive features. By differentiating ourselves in the market, we carve out a distinct space for Jagran New Media amidst the competition.

Rapid content production

The demand for real-time news updates requires a rapid content production cycle.

Our team collaborates closely with editorial teams, implementing efficient content management systems and streamlined workflows. By optimising the content production process, we ensure our platforms deliver timely and relevant news updates without compromising on quality.

Adapting to regulatory changes

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and compliance poses a challenge for news media organisations.

Our team maintains a proactive approach, staying abreast of regulatory changes and implementing necessary adjustments to our platforms. By ensuring compliance, we not only mitigate risks but also build a foundation of trust and sustainable growth.

Sustainable growth through product excellence

At Jagran New Media, we recognise sustainable growth is not just about overcoming challenges but also about leveraging them as opportunities for improvement.

By placing user experience, innovation, and adaptability at the forefront of our strategy, we navigate challenges with resilience. In doing so, we not only navigate the waves of change but also set a course for the future, where Jagran New Media continues to thrive as a beacon of reliable, engaging, and forward-thinking news organisation.

Our commitment to sustaining growth in news media lies in the continuous evolution of our strategies, aligning with the ever-changing needs and expectations of our audience.

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