Yes, young people will pay for news, Aftenposten finds

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


Aftenposten has the same revenue challenges that face most other media organisations, says Espen Egil Hansen, CEO and editor in chief of the Norwegian news media company.

Speaking at the INMA Conference de Medios Latinoamerica, Hansen said: “Advertising is falling as a revenue, and that’s really a huge challenge. On opportunities, we are working a lot with subscription and also succeeding very well now with digital subscriptions.”

Employees at Aftenposten are excited about this success because the company is now back to an all-time high with its numbers of subscribers, Hansen said: “That has become a really important revenue for us.”

Hansen is proud of the company’s efforts to reach a younger audience.

“We really decided that this is important because in the newspaper we have an older crowd and we need to connect to younger people. Everyone was saying, you cannot make them pay, but we have managed that through different projects, and this we are really proud of.”

His advice for other media companies is to focus on transformation and innovation. “I think if we just continue like we did before, it’s not going to go. So, we need to change, and we need to try different things.”

For Aftenposten, this means the previously mentioned push in subscriptions to a younger audience, as well as a focus on audio platforms such as podcasts.

“I think with this approach, maybe we do some mistakes, but the approach is right, we will learn new things, and this is my best advice,” Hansen said. “Try many things, and do more of what is working.”

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