VG changes mobile ad strategy with location-based technology

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Alexander Rydfjord, commercial head of mobile at VG, says beacon and location-based technologies have changed mobile advertising at the news media company.

“We realised that the Web brower environment is not a suitable environment for this, so we need to drive as much traffic as possible into mobile apps because there we have a much easier way to work with location as a parimeter,” Rydfjord says in this video interview at the October 2015 INMA European News Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The next key step is getting the VG audience to share data, which many are willing to do if they get something in return.

“As a consumer, I’m happy to share some data with the content provider as long as they give me something back,” Rydfjord says. “If I can provide VG’s users with good editorial content based on location data, then they’re happy to share that data.”

Rydfjord also discussess how this technology changes jobs in the editorial department, specifically in regards to breaking news.

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