The first step in dealing with ad-blocking? Better ads

Editor’s note: INMA’s European Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary, explored what media executives need to know now to put transformation into practice. This video is one in a series showcasing the most important messages from the conference.

News media executives spend a lot of time these days thinking about the ad-blocking challenges facing news media publishers.

The answer? Better ads.

People ... like ads,” says Emre Faks, digital engagement/marketing services lead at Hürriyet. They love ads. They talk about ads.

Just not all ads, of course.

“In the long-term, we have to move in a direction where we are in a ... more native advertising way of telling the customer’s and the advertiser’s stories,” says Gerold Riedmann, CEO/editor-in-chief at Russmedia Digital.

“I don’t think that asking people to turn off their ad blocker and then giving them ... the same intrusive advertising as they got before that will be a part of the solution,” says Casper Van Rhijn, director of digital strategy at Mediahuis. 

Should ad blockers be profiting from this practice? What does the future hold for ad blocking? These digital executives share their perspectives.

* Video reporter/cameraman: Artur KardaVideo editor: Ethan Berman.

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