Sanoma Media embraces innovation with corporate programme

By Katharina Vogt

Fabienne Martens, marketing and communications manager at Sanoma Media, Belgium, shared with delegates at the INMA European Conference a project that shows how important corporate innovation is and will be in future.

BeautyTale is one story that began with the Sanoma Accelerator Program, a project which teaches to learn by doing start-up-style innovation, which started in February.

In the beginning, it turned out more difficult than suspected to let go of corporate thinking and move on into an entrepreneurial way of seeing things. To make it easier for the audience to follow, Martens assembled the main project parts in seven steps during her presentation:

  1. Unshackle corporate chains. As explained on top: change your way of thinking.

  2. Get the right people on board. Different people bring different ideas. Use this!

  3. Get your hands dirty. Forming a strategy plan requires actual work. Keep that in mind.

  4. Think big, act small. Why fancy things up when minimal is enough? Save time and nerves.

  5. Learn fast and fall safely. You are in the middle of an interactive process. Success does not come with an overnight express and failure is normal. Go on step by step and learn from your mistakes.

  6. Hit the streets. How are you willing to learn about your costumer? Of course you don’t wander around, searching for people reading your newspaper, but you get the point. Listen to your heart and user.

  7. Grow. Grow pilot ideas and perhaps tomatoes. But stick to your values throughout the whole process. They are what makes you special.

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