Republik’s pay-what-you-wish subscription model fosters access to journalism

By Shelley Seale


Austin, TX, United States


The “pay what you wish” model of Republik is meant to provide access to journalism to everyone, says Managing Director Miriam Walther.

Speaking at INMA’s Media Innovation Week in Hamburg, Walther said Republik has a hard paywall and that she believes the best way to gain readers is through its content and quality journalism.

“We have a hard paywall, but everyone in the community can share as many articles as they want,” she explained.

When it comes to their membership strategy, Walther said Republik believes everyone should be able to have access to their journalism: “If they can’t afford it, and they are able to tell us a reason,” then they can pay less according to what they can afford.

She shared that a big inspiration for this model came from The Correspondent, as well as other media organisations: “There are a few now out there in the world, trying to pave the future for journalism.”

Asked about what advice she would give to other news publishers are struggling to fund journalism, Walther said to remember why they do what they do.

“The core is to have a very strong mission. I do believe that people want journalism, and in the end they are ready to pay for it. We just have to practice and foster those habits again.”

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