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Republik finds success in its reader-revenue model through quality journalism, transparency

By Shelley Seale


Austin, TX, United States


Republik is a digital magazine out of Switzerland with a focus on politics, economy, society, and culture. It is funded by its readers.

Speaking at INMA’s Media Innovation Week in Hamburg, Germany, Managing Director Miriam Walther said that although the concept of Republik as a whole is a very long project, the idea really culminated at the end of 2016.

“In Switzerland, the whole media system is also in a crisis, and it’s getting worse,” Walther told INMA. The media industry there not only experienced job cuts, but the diversity and independence of media got lost.

“I think the whole necessity of independent journalism to actually foster democracy and to strengthen journalism again was the time where we had to do something — out of Switzerland, but also globally.”

When it comes to Republik’s subscription model, Walther attributes the organisation’s success to the quality of its work. “Know what you’re doing; and it’s about the trust,” Walther said. “People stay because they know the quality and because we are very transparent.”

Her team found the most efficient strategy for any of Republik’s initiatives was to show its readers where the company stands and what they get out of it.

“We treat them as people, and not just money, that’s a huge thing.”

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