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Quick purchase digital engagement should be frictionless

By Shelley Seale


Austin, United States


Every media publisher does aspects of digital well, said Christopher Bones of Good Growth Ltd. Speaking at the INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in Stockholm, he shared some insights into companies that he thinks are doing this remarkably well.

“If you’re selling a quick purchase versus if you’re selling a considered, long-term commitment — for example, buying an MBA programme or going into higher education — these things are very different customer consideration journeys,” Bones said.

He shared a couple of examples of organisations that do this successfully.

“I think if you’re Netflix and Spotify, they thing they’ve got right is onboarding and ease of purchase. Compared to, quite often, a lot of organisations where you have to set up an account and want to know everything.”

This creates undue burden when all publishers really need is an e-mail. “It also doesn’t need to be intrusive.... You’ve got to remember, if you ask for everything on the first date, you are increasing the chances you get nothing.”

If a provider viewed as trusted asks simply for an e-mail to get started, Bones says chances are higher a user with provide that. “Don’t ask my birthday. That feels a bit personal. It’s remarkable how many retail establishments you go to where, if you want to use the Wi-Fi, they ask for your birthday.”

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