George Nimeh, chief digital officer of Kurier in Austria, knows the topic of programmatic advertising might seem difficult to understand, yet he started his presentation at the INMA European Conference on Friday with two key takeaways: 

• None of this is really scary. New, yes. Scary, no.

• Publishers are really slow at this (if they don't move fast enough, they’ll be in trouble)

Publishers nowadays are stuck between tech companies like Google and advertising agencies. Due to a lot of competition, the market looks very crowded: 

“Digital marketing is like high school sex. Everybody speaks about it, few are doing it, and those who are doing it, aren’t doing it well,” Nimeh said, quoting the CMO of Unilever, Simon Cliff.

Native advertising is here to stay, Nimeh said. It’s been done for years in traditional media and will continue.

John Wannamaker once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Problem is, I don't know which half.” According to Nimeh, programmatic advertising can solve this problem.

To understand programmatic advertising, Nimeh suggested watching this quick video below:

Kurier’s motto to describe the entire process is product, people, profit. The company creates a product with an advertiser, and builds many extensions by spreading the campaign on different platforms: Web page, social media, print, and events. 

Kurier cookied people engaged in that content and built the reach of the campaign by taking anonymous, look-alike profiles and matching them with existing ones, Nimeh explained.

Kurier want to help their clients and agency partners get the right message in front of the right people at the right time on the right platform. And they want to do that in real time and at the fairest and most transparent price possible. Programmatic helps Kurier achieve that goal, according to Nimeh.