Prioritising data for reader revenue versus advertising performance

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


Speaking at INMA Media Innovation Week in Hamburg, Jessica Bulthe of Mediahuis discussed why data analytics for audience initiatives get more attention than they do for advertising.

It’s not that surprising because, for most publishers, subscription revenue is a big part of their overall revenue, larger than advertising revenue, she said.

“So if you can optimise that through data, it’s an easy win,” Bulthe said. “Advertising comes always a bit at the end with a lot of publishers.”

Mediahuis tries to combine both.

“Our team is working on both, advertising and subscriptions. We think that works well because all the learnings you get from external advertisers that can apply internally — and the reverse.”

Knowing this, Bulthe says it’s not that surprising that most publishers focus first on optimising their reader revenue through data.

When it comes to examples of how Mediahuis does this, Bulthe said the company pushes pretty much everything through data.

“We saw that campaigns with targeting are performing way better, both in CTR and in leads and conversions for advertisers. When the advertiser is happy because you perform a better campaign, you make more leads for them, you make more conversions for them, they are happy to come back. So it’s an easy win. You have both your own campaigns for reader revenues going up when you use data and the same thing for your advertisers.”

When advertisers are happy with you, she said, they come back easily.

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