Postimees Publishing took a lesson from the gaming industry when it created its Curlify app for Android.

The goal? To create a more profitable mobile native advertising platform, explains Jaanus Lillenberg, development and marketing director at Postimees Estonia.

The app supports HTML5 and JSON/XML feeds and features:

  • White label, templates based apps for publishers.

  • Top-of-the-line user experience.

  • Full-page, gesture-based navigation.

  • Background synchronisation of images/videos.

  • Automated cloud-based caching.

  • Seamless integration of Curlify ad units.

  • Delivery of native content from the cloud.

  • Full-page, self-contained, interactive ad units.

  • Call-to-action and transactions inside ad units.

  • Dozens of ready templates for ad units.

  • Simple Web-based management tools.

This video illustrates how native advertising and content are re-defined, revolutionised, and simplified — and how brands are joining in on the native advertising movement.

Another lesson from the Curlify experience: how easy it is to learn for and from creative agencies.