Politico: Audience newsletters should feel like an e-mail from a friend

By Dawn McMullan


dallas, Texas, USA


A media company’s newsletter must have a voice, advised Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson, managing director of POLITICO’s European operation, a joint venture between POLITICO and Axel Springer.

“What’s very important is to have a voice — a person who’s writing the newsletter,” she said at this week’s INMA European News Media Conference in Monaco, France. “It can’t be an aggregation. A real newsletter must feel almost like an e-mail that you’re getting from a friend.”

An advantage to newsletters is that the media company — and advertisers — know who is getting it. This type of audience control is something advertisers are willing to pay for.

Carlos Martinez, manager of content partnerships at PressReader, reflected on presentations and discussions at the conference about how journalism looks in the future:

“Maybe at some point we cannot distribute the content but we have to produce the content [because content] is the king in our world. We should be able to look into other partners to distribute our content to help us monetise that content.

“That could be the future. Maybe not in print, but in digital it's going to be big.”

* Filmed by mobile journalist Yusuf Omar.

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