Newsletters drive one-third of The Daily Beast’s new subscribers

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


Newsletters have helped drive subscriptions at The Daily Beast. Speaking at the INMA Media Subscriptions Week in February, Chief Product Officer Lauren Bertolini told INMA how.

“At The Daily Beast we have a Daily Digest that goes out to readers twice a day and has our top stories,” she said. “We also have a newsletter we call the Cheat Sheet, which is the 10 stories you need to know right now, which also goes out twice a day.”

These newsletters are free — and 34% of The Daily Beast’s paying subscribers were previously subscribed to the free newsletters, from which they converted.

“Which tells us that it’s a really great middle stop of the funnel, to get people familiar with our brand, and to help them understand the value of paying for the content we’re producing.”

Additionally, Bertolini added, eight people subscribe directly from those newsletters, by clicking on a story in them and ending up on The Daily Beast site, where they end up subscribing.

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