Mediahuis focuses on 4 Big Data opportunities

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


Among the key Big Data opportunities at Mediahuis are four ways of achieving better analytics, Annick Deseure, head of analytics/digital manager of data at the media company, said at the Big Data for Media Conference in London in 2017.

Deseure identified these opportunities:

  • Better subscription models.
  • Better acquisition models.
  • Better churn models. 
  • Better segmentation and “getting the company to focus on the right customer groups and how to migrate those customer groups.”

Where should news media companies start with Big Data?

“I would start where I started 20 years ago,”  Deseure said. “I come from the world of CRM, customer relationship management. I would start with recency, frequency, monetary value. I would start with acquisition models. I would start with churn models. If you have a digital subscription, making sure people read this digital subscription and stimulate them to read.

“That’s really where I would start from. Start from most of the offline data, because that’s where the richness is.”

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