Legacy media can build on brand reputation while addressing consumer needs

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


The value of an established news media brand is that it has been around a very long time, says Andy Brown, CEO and chairman of Kantar Media.

“They’re very authentic,” he said at the INMA’s South Asia Media Festival. “They typically have high brand awareness and resonance with the consumer.”

Most legacy print news companies eventually spread across multiple platforms such as digital, television, and video, Brown said.

“The challenge there for the news brand is to make sure it’s salient and relevant to the consumer. I think in terms of the way people consume media, they’re looking for more personalisation.”

He mentioned The Washington Post as a good example of a news brand that succeeds with personalisation: “They have two points of entry into the publication. One is a more classical newspaper, linear development — and the other process is subject-based, personalised, much more of a feed structure than a typical newspaper structure.”

Different generations have different needs and expectations in the way they consume news content.

“I think news brands need to be cognisant of that as they build out their solutions,” Brown said.

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