Innovative mobile strategy can bring life to an advertising campaign

To most publishers around the world, mobile is still very new. Users interact with it differently than with online ads, so publishers are still trying to determine a strategy.

“In case of mobile, it’s not always click, click, click or tap, tap, tap,” Harry Robinson, agency sales director at IAB Europe told delegates at the INMA European Conference on Thursday.

One commonality mobile shares with desktop is the banner ad. The problem with the banner is, of course, that it’s intrusive. People become banner blind, so it’s not effective.

If you think of online, the only way to engage with banner is to click on them, Robinson said. Some say a higher banner CTR (click-through-rate) on mobile is the effect of fat finger, but Robinson disagrees. Research shows only 22% of ad clicks on mobile are unintentional.

Mobile can bring ads to life through innovative yet standard ad forms, Robinson says. And by innovative, he does not mean devoting lots of money to make an advertisement such as the one below (by the way, it’s the most expensive car ad in history):

Being innovative does not necessary mean huge investments. As an example, Robinson showed a simple banner but with an extra swipe from the top.

“It’s about giving new experience to the user,” he said. The banner is activated not by touching but by actual engagement – swiping it down in that case.

“Native advertising gains higher ad expansion rate and less accidental clicks,” he said. “Standard formats may help, but publishers have to make something to stand out and engage people.”

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