After Axel Springer’s executive briefing kicked off the INMA European Conference, our delegates had the chance to visit the DPA’s newsroom.

DPA or Deutsche Presse Agentur (which translates to German Press Agency) is located in Berlin’s Axel Springer Passage near the street named, impressively, Axel Springe Strasse.

Within the 3,000-square meter newsroom, 300 in-house journalists make it a 24/7 operation. Apart from journalists in the newsroom, about 700 more work for DPA in the field within the borders of Germany, plus another 100+ journalists work abroad, all full-time DPA employees.

DPA prepares news in four languages: German, English, Spanish, and Arabic. It is impossible to measure its reach or audience, as basically everyone in Germany connects with DPA’s content at least once a day (be it online, through newspapers or television).

In Arabic countries for instance, 60% of newspapers use DPA as the source for news. DPA also partners with other press agencies worldwide.

DPA does not permit photographs to be published from inside the newsroom, but INMA delegates had some social time (shocking, we know) just before the tour. You can check them out on the INMA Flickr page.

Stay tuned for more from Berlin. Thursday’s programme includes a deep dive on digital, featuring Frode Eilertsen, executive vice president for strategy and digital transformation at Schibsted, as well as an update from INMA President Yasmin Namini on The New York Times’ paid-content strategy and four “Brainsnack” sessions to keep you on your toes.

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