How to rebrand separate sub-brands into one

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


As a relatively new brand in India, Kantar, is not as recognisable as some of the sub-brands it once consisted of. Many people, for example, were very familiar with IMRB, the biggest research brand in India.

Speaking at INMA’s South Asia Media Festival, Andy Brown, CEO and chairman of Kantar Media, spoke about the re-branding of the company.

“A lot of these sub-brands had quite high salience,” Brown said. “What we wanted to do when we brought the company together was to unify as a single company. One of the strong signals that we wanted to send was the de-branding.”

In other words, it would no longer be IMRB but instead, Kantar India. No more Kantar Media but rather the media division of Kantar. The goal was to focus around that pair of brands.

“We’ve made a big investment in that,” Brown said. He noted that there was an interim phase where there were several sub-brands, but now the company has gone to a single brand.

“I think it’s impactful,” Brown said. “In a way, it wasn’t such a big jump. Many of the clients cut short anything that was Kantar something else. It was just Kantar. In that way, it simplified the branding.”

The challenge now is how to make sure the company can still demonstrate its specialism within the separate divisions.

Banner photo courtesy of Kantar Media Facebook.

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