How Folha de S.Paulo implements digital while print still drives revenue

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


While digital is the wave of the future, print advertising is still paying the bills for Folha de S.Paulo in Brazil. Marcelo Benez, executive director of advertising for Empresa Folha da Manha SA, spoke at the INMA World Congress of News Media in Washington, D.C. about how the company is bringing digital and print together for maximum effectiveness.

The digital age is a one-way ticket, Benez said: “It’s very important, in terms of decision makers and advertisers, to know that we still have an important part of our revenue that comes from print. That’s why we still pay attention to print — without dispensing with the digital, which is very important.”

In fact, 85% of Folha’s advertising revenues come from print. Though digital is important for the media company, Benez stressed that print still represents a major part of the company’s revenue.

“We are exploring lots of innovations combined between digital and print,” Benez said. He described a new app initiative with several different versions, including a virtual reality aspect, that allow the audience to experience the newspaper in a fully digital mode or see the print version on their mobile devices.

Folha is always looking for ways to enhance the audience experience. “From one million readers, we moved to 20,” Benez said. “Folha nowadays reaches 20 million different readers a month, due to the multi-platform, the relevance of the print, plus digital ways to distribute this kind of content.”

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