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How content aggregators, news publishers can work together

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States

There are often challenges seen for news media organisations when it comes to working with content aggregators. Deepit Purkayastha of Inshorts shared how his company handles this issue at at INMA’s South Asia News Media Conference in New Delhi.

Purkayastha, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Inshorts in Bangalore, India, said there has been much skepticism around the relationship between publishers and the content aggregators.

“The publishers are facing a challenge in monetising their digital properties, and suddenly these aggregators have come with a lot of marketing budgets to spend in acquiring users,” Purkayastha said.

The way this dichotomy can be resolved is for the publishers to become a little more tech savvy, Purkayastha said: “The value that the content aggregators bring to the users, if there’s a diminishing gap between those, then I think the publishers will really be able to sustain their own properties much better.”

News publishers would be likely to only partner with aggregators that are delivering real value, he said, rather than those that are merely re-delivering their content.

Purkayastha explained how this works at Inshort, which produces short-form content for an audience that wants to consume news within 10 minutes a day — an audience that he notes is growing.

“The publishers can come on board with the content expertise and the knowledge of creation of short-form and user experience, which we can provide them; and we can have a very synergistic relationship.” In this symbiotic relationship, money can be made and audience can also be grown.

Many aggregators, however, do not really provide an extra value to the users other than simply collect content and deliver it — something that Purkayastha noted that Facebook already does.

He explained how Inshorts works with a select group of 65-70 content aggregator partners with whom they have very meaningful relationships. This is evidenced by the fact that these aggregators continue to retain the partnership.

“What we do is we have content source from the publishers and we write our own summaries, which is our own content and our own copyright; but we link back, so if there are users who want to read the complete stories, they can go back to the Web site, which is open within the app.” That displays the publisher’s own ads, so they are still able to monetise the content.

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