Guardian transforms from national to global, print to digital

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


Richard Furness, managing director of consumer revenues and publishing, discussed how the strategy of The Guardian has changed at INMA’s Media Subscription Week in Stockholm earlier this year.

Having just celebrated his 21st anniversary working at The Guardian, Furness spoke about the two huge trends he’s seen in that time.

“One is, we’ve gone from being a U.K. newspaper to a global organisation,” Furness said. “And the other is that we’ve gone from being primarily a print newspaper to a multi-platform, digital media company. They are enormous shifts that have happened in the time that I’ve been there.”

Furness added that this growth has been a tremendous thing to witness and be a part of: “Certainly the U.K. to global, we’ve gone from being, I think we were the eighth-smallest U.K. newspaper ... and now, we’re right up there. And in the English-speaking world, there aren’t that many news sites that can compare to the kinds of audiences that we see.”

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