Finding out what audience “power users” want is key to charging for premium content

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


The secret to finding subscribers for premium content lies in identifying the “power users” that love your brand, says Neil Katz of The Weather Channel.

Speaking at the INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in February, the global head of content and subscriptions said that finding what those people want the most is key: “You ask them, is there a better version of this that I can make just for you, and what would that look like?” Katz advised.

In the case of The Weather Channel, those power users wanted more powerful software tools and more in-depth data. For news media organisations, those desired elements might be different.

“Our philosophy is go where the audience is,” Katz said. “We start with the people who use us most. We figure out the things they do the most, and then ask them how we can make a better version of that just for them.”

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