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Emotional advertising key for mobile monetisation

By 2020, three billion more people will connect to the Internet for the first time – almost all via mobile devices.

Paulo Mira, the CEO at PHD Mobi, offered insight into trends in mobile for news media worldwide and gave examples of how publishers are using mobile to grow audience or revenue – or change the rules in the mobile space – at the second day of the INMA News Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

He also provided a look at what’s happening with emerging markets and how European media companies can benefit from them.

The world is mobile now, with 2.05 billion smartphones in the world today. In five years, there will be a billion more smartphones being used. Right now, 42.6% of all users are mobile users; this makes up 28% of the global population. In the United States, 51% of total media time is spent on mobile.

Regardless the efforts publishers are making to sell banner ads, that income soon is going to be less than mobile. The predicted share of global ad spending for 2017 is mobile (13%), newspapers (11.8%), magazines (5.9%), and desktop (19.5%).

Mobile advertising is going to grow, with the biggest share on the side of big players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Pandora. Mira calls these companies “friends,” as they provide lots of opportunities for publishers. 

So how can companies make money from mobile? It will require innovation. Mobile revenue will come from both expected and unexpected initiatives.

Mira says people have two sides: rational and emotional. In his opinion, there is not enough focus on the emotional side. That’s where media content comes into play. Real advertising should be a brand sending a message that is creative, fun, and able to capture attention. 

His company, PHD Mobi, has six offices around the world offering 19 exclusive mobile solutions with more than 28,000 mobile projects and 4,600 mobile apps delivered in more than 80 countries. Some of the company’s clients include The New York Times, Walt Disney, MasterCard, Bloomberg, Google, Facebook, and NBC.

PHD Mobi not only delivers powerful advertising solutions but can also track everything that happens with a banner ad, such as number of impressions, percent of engagement, and the platform being used. 

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