Ekstra Bladet data + national supermarket data = digital advertising dream

One of the largest retailers in Denmark and the countrys largest digital media brand created a unique partnership to turn their vast amount of data into a successful digital advertising case.

Jakob Nielsen, business development manager at Ekstra Bladet, shared the results of this strategic collaboration during his 7-minute Brainsnacks session at the INMA European Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The partnership between SuperBrugsen and Ekstra Bladet aimed to contribute to SuperBrugsen’s digital transformation and to expand both partners mutual interest in leveraging data to increase effectiveness within digital advertising. 

Ekstra Bladet is Denmark’s biggest digital media company with one million users (20% of the countrys population). Its mobile audience is as large as its desktop audience, with 400,000 daily users on each platform. The company’s digital revenue surprassed its print revenue in 2013.

The partnership is based on delivering right message to the right audience, using shopping data and user data, synthesised by a German-based data management system.

The two companies merged anonymous user data with shopping data. As a result, the system produced selective ads to hit the precise groups of users. Earlier research studied the behaviour of those groups, so the advertising became more relevant and precise.

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