E-commerce opportunities, challenges in Europe

By Marek Miller and Mariell Raisma

E-commerce today in EU is increasing, according to Jörgen Bödmar, CEO of Scandinavian Design Online and president of EMOTA.

The number of total population that EU that shop online varies from 45%-85%, while average yearly spend of total population EU varies from €94 to €953.

Still, there are a number trading obstacles to take care of.

To succeed, Bödmar said, publishers need unique products/services and economies of scale. The crossborder in Europe is also beginning to show its potential.

E-commerce outside EU is increasing as well. Free trade agreements increase the opportunities for e-commerce. Price will be challenged in a highly competitive world, and logistics will be of utmost importance, he said.

In e-commerce marketing, performance marketing is becoming the norm, according to Bödmar. Print is being discontinued more and more, and he’s seeing a hesitation towards TV media. Operating multi-channel is becoming more interesting, and new channels of marketing are evolving.

Consumers also are changing. They are multi-channel, they go everywhere and anywhere, and require instant fulfillment. 

The e-commerce challenges nowadays are:

  • Increased diversity.

  • Increased complexity.

  • Increased speed of change.

  • Finding people with multi-lingual and cultural skills.

  • Finding people with the right attitude and competencies.

  • Keeping the speed up over time. 

Bödmar’s conclusions:

  • E-commerce platforms are undervalued as advertisement channels.

  • They represent a potential for direct contact with end consumers, e.g. focus groups.

  • They are very often dead on in their target group, which make them efficient.

  • The valuation paradigm shift is soon to come.

  • “The only that is statistic is change.”

About Marek Miller and Mariell Raisma

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