Diário de Notícias pulls back from print while acknowledging its benefits

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


Catarina Carvalho, editor-in-chief at Diário de Notícias in Portugal, told attendees at INMA’s Media Subscriptions Week in February that the company had pulled back from print, offering only a Saturday print newspaper, to focus on digital.

Despite that, she acknowledges that print still offers a number of benefits. “I kind of advise people to think of print not only as a product, but also as a tool — a marketing tool, a power tool, a leverage tool, and also a social tool.”

The print newspaper still has an important place in some audiences, Carvalho added, particularly more traditional audiences.

“Closing the print edition every day of the week made us less relevant in some areas,” she said. Those traditional print audiences are still there, and they aren’t going away as people live longer.

“What I think people should do when they think about shutting the print edition is all of this — not only considering financial issues or the product issues, but also considering that this can be a marketing tool.”

Banner image courtesy of Roman Kraft from StockSnap.

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