De Persgroep’s long-term data strategy in 5 steps

Dirk Milbou, business manager/consumer relations at De Persgroep, discussed the relationship between better customer data management and doing better business during the 7-minute Brainsnacks session at the INMA European Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

De Persgroeps long-term data strategy involved these five steps:

  1. Collect data (a sign-in process is crucial).

  2. Store (make data availabe centrally). New data architecture is needed for all consumer-related processes.

  3. Control (data governance to enhance customer experience). Data privacy and protection are needed to avoid leakage.

  4. Analyse (make your data speak).

  5. Act (without action, data is just a bunch of data).

The change is not easy, Milbou continued:

  • It is an organisational challenge.

  • It is time and cost consuming.

  • Tools and techniques evolve quickly.

  • You must inject new skills and train your data people.

  • You must start small and create evidence. You cant define everything up front.

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