De Persgroep creates daily metric of audience research for advertisers

By Marek Miller and Mariell Raisma

Bart de Proost, director of operations of at De Persgroep Publishing, said that total daily newspaper reach in Belgium is 1.186 million, whereas total brand reach is 1.643 million (1.186 million newspaper readers, 1.025 million Web readers, and 265,000 mobile readers).

How can this be measured? With latest Belgian metric, Dailymetrie.

The market is changing, and so must publishers. Among reasons why Dailymetrie was created, Bart de Proost listed: 

  1. Consumers have changed, and so have their habits.

  2. Newspapers have adopted and evolved from newspapers to news brands. They’re available through multiple touchpoints: Web sites, mobile Web sites, apps.

  3. Global brand reach has changed. 

Advertisers ask the same questions: What is the impact of my campaign? How is my campaign performing? 

The objectives of Dailymetrie, according to de Proost, are:

  • To measure the daily net reach of news brands.

  • To provide insights on the different carriers and devices.

  • To offer detailed campaign reports to advertisers.

Dailymetrie is trying to use the metrics on daily basics, based on panel research with 1,500 participants with a target of people ages 18 to 64. Ipsos is partnering in the research.

Dailymetrie is a daily measurement by text messages (SMS) and is very easy to complete. For the research to be credible and transparent, all newspapers in the Belgian market decided to participate in it.

Tha aim of the research is to bring answers to following questions for advertisers:

What is the result of my campaign?

What is the role of the different news media in my campaign?

How is the reach built?

What is the impact of different touchpoints in my campaign? 

Results are brought with charts, separate for mobile, Web, and newspapers, and summed up to show the total global reach of the newspapers. 

Dailymetrie shows, that different carriers have different profiles: 

  • Newspaper reader age average is 44 years; 60% men and 40% women.

  • Tablet reader age average is 41 years; 57% men and 43% women.

  • Smartphone reader age average is 33 years; 61% men and 39% women.

About Marek Miller and Mariell Raisma

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