Daily Hunt fosters young talent as part of digital innovation strategy

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, United States


The work Daily Hunt is doing in terms of talent building is the digital initiative Prashant Chacko, vice president of Daily Hunt, Verse Innovation, is most proud of, he said at the South Asia Media Conference about digital innovation.

“With the changing media landscape and changing media habits, what is important is that the youngsters are leading this change. Unless we develop youngsters as leaders of the future of the organisation, we’ll never be able to catch up and be ahead of the change required.”

Focusing on young people at the leadership level is a paradigm shift, Chacko said. “You have people who are 24, 27, who really know what changes are happening, and they are actually leading it.”

Accepting and supporting them as leaders is vital — and that may mean acknowledging that you may know less than they do. “Be ready for being led by people who are 20 years younger to you,” Chacko said. “For an older organisation like ours, where the average age was very high — how do you get the average age down by eight years, nine year, 10 years?”

Along with that, Daily Hunt has embraced the challenge of how to incubate its team members to face the digital aspects of their work.

“We started by forming a new division in the organisation, and then a new company which is completely separated from print,” Chacko said. “So the same people now believe that the universe of content is beyond print; and print is just a basic part of that.”

The team is now producing content for all platforms, whether that is digital, television, etc., and producing a print newspaper is just a basic part of that. Converting the newsroom in this way is really what facilitated this change in the way of thinking.

“It’s very modern, very contemporary — the cultural change comes across with what facilities are given to people,” Chacko said. “I would definitely say that talent, imagination for the future, and restructuring the organisation is something we are very proud of.”

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