Daily Beast maximises product resources by valuing agility over perfection

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


Daily Beast Chief Product Officer Lauren Bertolini shared her philosophy of innovation with INMA: Sometimes perfect is the enemy of good.

“We are constantly trying to think about what is worth spending time on,” Bertolini said at the INMA Media Subscriptions Week in February. “Sometimes good enough is good enough.”

She added that if the team has a strong instinct that is supported by its data, members may not feel the need to do a full analysis.

“Other times, we may want to spend the weeks, months, looking into a problem if we think there’s real impact there. But we’re just selective, and know that we want to move quickly — and because we want to move quickly, everything won’t be perfect.”

As head of product, Bertolini said she tells her team that sometimes bugs are going to happen, and she’s OK with that: “It’s more important to get the thing live than to have it be perfect.”

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