Dagbladet’s mobile strategy brings in revenue, 50% of traffic

Dagbladet reaches 1.5 million readers everyday in Norway. It is the second largest newspaper on desktop, and second largest tablet and mobile newspaper. Only VG is bigger.

Currently, 50% Dagbladet’s traffic comes from mobile, Henning Feltstykket, the news media company’s product manager mobile and tablet, told delegates at the INMA European Conference in Berlin last week.

According to Feltstykket, mobile learnings of Dagbladet include that it:

  • Is used throughout a day, especially in the mornings and evenings.

  • Requires low in-screen clutter.

  • Is a high-attention device for consumers.

  • Has an attractive target base (53% earn more than US$106,000 annually).

  • Has few but large ad spaces.

  • Has 1.2 million unique users per week.

Making money on mobile is possible, Feltstykket said. The Norwegian market is highly technical and quickly growing in mobile. Traffic development showed extreme growth: “In 2002 we had only 200,000 users a week. Now we have 1.2 million,” Feltstykket says.

Dagbladet decided to focus on the creative for the following reasons:

  • In 2011, no ad agencies and few media buyers were focused on mobile ads.

  • Highly personal device offer more possibilities for creative use, including GPS, gamification, gyroscopes.

  • They are increasing user engagement.

Dagbladet created a Web application called AdView to be used in-house to serve advertisers. Suddenly, the company realised it could be wonderful sales tool for its sales force as a mobile tool, explaining possible format of ads.

Feltstykket showed some examples of mobile ad formats that work for Dagbladet, including:

  • Gyro: an ad of a car that moves when you tilt your phone.

  • Cube: interactive figure with four sides that actually are starting pages. Dagbladet gathered 1 million swipes of the cube.

  • Card flip: similar to cube but works as interactive card that can be flipped over.

  • Shake it: advertisement for Lotto,  shaking a phone makes a champagne pop off with numbers from the last lottery

“Basically, it’s all about making nice advertisements to gain the attention,” Feltstykket says.

For Dagbladet, being creative pays off. Here is why, according to Feltstykket.

  • AdView generated €1 million in revenue since its launch in March.

  • Each campaign gains two times its campaign budget.

  • There is a high repurchase intent.

  • The news media company has done 65 campaigns since launch.

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