Collaboration, connection form foundation of platform success at Jagran New Media

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


Jagran New Media enjoys a fantastic relationship with both Google and Facebook, Bharat Gupta, chief executive officer of the company, said at the INMA South Asia Media Festival.

“Over the years, we have developed trust and a bond,” Gupta said. “Both these companies work very closely towards understanding where are the opportunities in India, what are the challenges in the ecosystem, and what are the solutions which can help to plug in these problems.”

Any platform has challenges. For Jagran, Gupta said the challenges centre around amplification and monetisation, as well as how to address those issues.

As an example, Gupta mentioned the Google News Initiative, in which publishers discuss the problems that come up in the world of online information: “What are the structures or the standards that are required to have a better amplification platform or strategy? What are the trainings that are required to create better journalism? I think they have some fantastic relationships.”

Gupta believes being online is really about having a connected world, he said.

“When we talk about connected, collaboration is a very big draw. So I think if we are able to collaborate with each other, it will definitely lead to a lot of exciting opportunities.”

Photo courtesy of William Iven and Coffee Bean from Pixabay

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