Bogota conference highlights acceleration of Latin America’s digital transformation

There was a time when Latin American newspapers seemed exempt from the global print-to-digital transformation. 

No more. 

The over-arching theme of last week’s INMA Latin America Conference in Bogota, Colombia, was how to accelerate digital literacy at print-centric media companies, learn positive and negative lessons from peers around the world, and get in sync with consumers shifting attention to smartphones.

In this four-minute video overview, hear from:

  • Yasmin Namini, digital media consultant. 
  • Guido Conterno, executive director, Grupo Diarios Americas (GDA).
  • Angela Vega, vice president commercial, Grupo Diario Libre. 
  • Alvaro Triana Soto, senior consultant with Innovation Media Consulting. 
  • Andrés Garibello, director, school of journalism, El Tiempo, Colombia.

Among the topics covered: paid content, corporate culture change, and alternative revenue models. 

“Our audiences will always consume information, will always consume entertainment,” says Innovation Media Consulting’s Soto. “Therefore, our competence is to really deliver content in the hour, in the platform, and in the characteristics that all of our audiences are expecting us to.”

Adds Namini: “Figuring out how to get revenue from our consuemrs is absolutely essential as we move forward with a digital strategy.”

More than 140 delegates from 19 countries attended the INMA Latin America Conference in Bogota.

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