At Dagens Nyheter, the editor-in-chief is also the CMO

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


At Dagens Nyheter, the editor-in-chief is also the CMO. That decision came about strategically, said Martin Jönsson, head of editorial development at the publishing company.

Speaking at INMA Media Subscriptions Week in February, Jönsson told INMA this decision was based on digital subscriptions being the most important part of the Dagens Nyheter strategy.

“The marketing, the reader revenue operation of Dagens Nyheter is 100% based on the journalism,” Jönsson said. “It’s the journalism that we sell, and we need to integrate that much more.”

This integration needs to happen not only from the newsroom perspective, he continued, but also from the reader revenue perspective: “We had an old, very traditional market-like organisation where people were working in silos.”

Whether team members were working in departments of reader revenue, acquisition, customer service, etc., there was a clear separation.

“We said, we can’t have them separated,” Jönsson said. “We started organising things so that we worked together with all projects, with all initiatives.”

This meant asking how the team could improve what it does and what it sells, how it markets to customers, and how it retains those customers.

“That has to be based on journalism,” Jönsson said. Therefore, it was a natural step for the editor-in-chief to step into the role of CMO.

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