Archant shares 10 lessons to bringing in video revenue

By Marek Miller and Mariell Raisma

Archant is the fifth largest publisher in the United Kingdom, with 1,600 employees and more than 50 news brands, dailies and weeklies.

The media company sees video and local TV as a fantastic opportunity, Miller Hogg, managing director of Archant, told delegates at INMA’s European Conference on Friday.

The team of 15 people produce 90 minutes of live TV per day, reaching 162,000 homes.

His 10 lessons and next steps to make money are:

  1. Print sales people are not capable of selling broadcast based in the current culture.

  2. Print sales people can sell simple co-op packages around campaigns.

  3. Culture change for journalists includes doing print and video.

  4. We can bring non-news journalists as a brand journalists for expert opinion and cross promotion.

  5. Local media companies do not understand the opportunity content marketing opportunity; as an industry, media companies need to get over this.

  6. We need audience, so soon we will be live streaming onto all local Web sites in region (an audience potential of 7.5 million per month).

  7. Our production values are too high and too costly. We need to engage more local content opportunity: music comedy, shopping, business, current affairs.

  8. Get out of the studio.

  9. See this as an infrastructure and skill investments for content distribution, not a business.

  10. Integrate, integrate, integrate.

There needs to be co-working between advertisers and the ones who create content, Hogg says.

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