Aftenposten works to convince journalists of the value of data analytics

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


During its transformation to digital, Aftenposten has developed several tools for the newsroom to track how their stories are doing. Though this improves data and the integration of the editorial and commercial sides of the company, it isn’t without its challenges.

“One of the challenges is to convince them that although their stories might not be performing as good as they may think, we have to convince them that the story is important just as well,” said Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen, managing news editor at Aftenposten, at the INMA Media Subscriptions Week earlier this year.

There is a downside to focusing just on numbers, she said: “If the articles aren’t performing that well, then everybody wonders how it should perform even better. And if it doesn’t perform better, should the data be made at all?”

Brand Manager Marius Thorkildsen said another challenge was simply convincing journalists that the implementation of data is meant to help them, not harm them.

“We’re on the same page and we’re there to help. We need to show that we can actually add value to things that they care about.”

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