The Easy Eats partnership between 7DAYS and local grocery chain Spinneys was created to provide unique content, build footfall, increase sales, increase reach, and engage customers.

The concept was a five-part online cooking series, starring Chef Emily Shardlow-Price, editor of Spenneys Food magazine. The series, five three-minute “Webisodes” produced by 7DAYS in liaison with Spinneys, would:

  • Reflect the content, values, and priorities of both 7DAYS and Spinneys.

  • Promote only healthy eating through cooking and the use of fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

  • Showcase a simple, impressive recipe that 7DAYS followers could easily make at home.

The campaign ran over a six-week period, with episodes running every Wednesday. The episodes were hosted on a dedicated channel on a 7DAYS Vimeo page, with each recipe available as a PDF download. The entire series was heavily promoted on 7DAYS social media platforms, with most emphasis on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Product unique, engaging native video content that is appealing to the multi-channel audience of 7DAYS, as well as Spinneys customers.

  • Utilise “native” video content as the bedrock of the campaign.

  • Deliver deep engagement for Spinneys by associating their brand with high-quality, informative, and entertaining content produce with the brand’s target demographic in focus.

The results were impressive:

  • 12 Facebook posts yielded a total reach of 652,614 and total views of 154,073 (28,828 of whom watched for more than 30 seconds).

  • 99 tweets yielded 107,564 total impressions.

  • Videos were viewed 2,054 times with 334 recipes downloaded.

  • Total reach: 750,00l.

  • Total video views: 155,000.

Easy Eats demonstrated 7DAYS’ creativity and media production agility in a multi-channel environment. This six-week campaign enjoyed significant traction with followers of 7DAYS’ unique content and delivered against Spinneys strategic objectives — No. 1 of which is to be in position as a leader in food.