6 steps to Russmedia’s 30% mobile growth

When the management team at Russmedia saw the numbers — 19% mobile traffic with only 0.9% mobile revenue — it forced a new era, one framed by the mobile success of Facebook.

In four months’ time, mobile revenue was up to 30%.

Russmedia owns now 70% reach of the 380,000 market, Georg Burtscher, CEO of marketing and sales at Russmedia Digital, told delegates during the 7-minute Brainsnacks session at the INMA European Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

In 2013, Russmedia’s mobile traffic was only 19%. Now it is 40%. The biggest problem was that neither clients, agencies, nor sales team understood mobile.

According to Burtscher, the following six steps helped his company change its attitude towards mobile:

  1. Sell mobile through your own sales force.

  2. Delete disturbing ads; use only native ads.

  3. Convince your clients they must do mobile.

  4. Combine Web products with mobile.

  5. Compare, measure, and win.

  6. Don’t sell mobile or Web separately; become one.

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