3 things media companies should consider when hiring for brand new roles

By Shelley Seale


Austin, Texas, USA


There are many differences in hiring practices today and in the future, as companies recruit for brand new roles doing work no one has ever done before. This means that they can’t hire from experience — so how do organisations adapt their hiring practices in the coming years?

Author and management consultant Abhijit Bhaduri looks to companies such as Amazon for practices used in creating roles for which prospective applicants would not already have a skillset, he said at the INMA South Asia Media Festival.

“How do they hire the first drone engineer?” Bhaduri asked. “They obviously can’t ask for experience. They can’t ask for qualifications.”

They are getting the experience by having new team members learn about the job.

“As news media looks at re-inventing itself, how do we make it attractive for people to come and create a fresh, new product? I think that’s the largest opportunity that people have,” Bhaduri said.

Think of it as a product that has not been created before, he advised news media organisations, instead of looking at experience and qualifications.

“I think human beings are always excited about an opportunity to solve a problem, because they learn something,” he added.

He said three things would be key:

  • Is the organisation an insulated group, or does it have an outside perspective?
  • Is the talent really skilled-up enough to be able to compete?
  • Is the culture of the organisation such that it can sustain the growth of the organisation in this new space?

“These three — leadership, talent, and culture — become your toughest, or easiest, to work on,” Bhaduri said.

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