24SATA shares lessons learned from cable TV failure, Web TV success

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


In discussing the rise and fall of 24SATA TV, Boris Trupčević, managing director at Styria Media, explains how the initiative went big as a 24/7 cable news effort, but was thrwarted by the economy and international competitors.

24SATA started as Web TV, then returned to the platform after revenues couldn’t sustain its cable effort. Realising the company could bring in digital revenue, management focused on how to best do that, Trupčević explains in this video interview at the October 2015 INMA European News Media Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

“Online we have continuously growing audiences revenues and continuously growing revenues, and we figured out oh, we have a much stronger distribution channel on our own Web site for video than we do with ITBD and cable,” Trupčević says.

Trupčević has two suggestions for news media companies considering Web TV and video:

  • Consider where the audience is. Styria uses YouTube, Facebook, and its own platform to distribute content.

  • What the audience wants to watch. News on the Web, for example, was not something audiences were interested in.

24SATA brings in revenue with pre-rolls and post-rolls, but its most lucrative income is from product placement. Advertisers often will sponsor an entire series.

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