Advertising research can be helpful in an economic downturn

By Mark Challinor


London, United Kingdom


In Borrell Associates bi-annual survey of media buyers earlier this year, agencies and direct media  buyers were asked several things: what they spend on advertising, what types of media they bought, what they are buying in 2022, and what qualitative comments had they regarding media’s approach to them. 

A recent Borrell Associates survey has key findings helpful for today's media advertising teams.
A recent Borrell Associates survey has key findings helpful for today's media advertising teams.

The Borrell survey makes certain points that stood out for me, namely:

  • Local buyers are still novices: 53% are classified as novices, meaning they likely have questions and need advice. They are looking for partners who can assist them. 
  • The “master” (big) agencies also need help: 87% of agencies are classified as master marketers but see traditional media companies as partners. 
  • Not much media elimination is prevalent: While two in five agencies plan to reduce spending on “something,” only 1.5% of advertisers area actually eliminating something altogether. 

And from a qualitative point of view, what caught my eye was this comment, which seems typical of many others:

“Speak in clear language. We don’t know all the jargon and acronyms. Provide follow-up and regular feedback on how the advertising is doing. We almost never hear from anyone after the sale is made. It’s nice when partnering with media companies as I don’t generally have the time to stay updated on the latest/greatest marketing strategies.” 

To me, the conclusion of that survey was that we all need to learn from the above. Be more consultative, keep a constant stream of communications going, be a resource of knowledge and insights, get the mix of offerings right, and get to be trusted by our agencies and advertisers.

The Borrell survey gives us a very accurate pointer to my top five strategies, which wrote about here.

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